Bioeconomy comprises efforts to build a sustainable future using renewable biological sources to produce food, materials, and energy.

This revolution, driven by advances in biotechnology, requires coordination of strategies and commitment through legislation, policy, education and research.

Business & Projects

Our experience is grounded on over two decade's work in management and scientific-technological consulting for projects focused on biofuels, biomaterials, and biochemicals.

Innovation entails risk. Business involving biotechnology arises at the frontiers of science; therefore, it is reasonable to say that they face greater risks and uncertainties than others.

The realization of a bio-venture involves a series of scientific-technological topics that need to be carefully considered in the process of building a business case.


Scientific-technological support in negotiations

Technology prospecting

Competitiviness studies of raw materials for renewable molecules

Scientific-technological studies for strategic decisions

Institutional relations

Knowledge transfer from the sugar cane sector to industrial biotechnology projects

Technical and economic studies for the production of renewable molecules

Prospection of clients and business planning 

Research center planning and implementation

Interim management – R&D laboratories 

We assist our clients toward genuine integration of regulatory issues into their business processes. Regulation requires rigorous planning and is essential for the success of enterprises and product launches. We are familiar with local (CTNBio) and international regulation practices. We assist regulatory professionals and business leaders in developing strategies.


Implementation of internal processes and compliance audits based on CTNBio norms

Application for Biosafety Quality Certification (CQB)

Preparation or revision of CTNBio - RN5, RN6 and RN8 processes.

Cultivar registration and protection

Development of regulatory strategies


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