The brand name choice was guided by a preference for a short word inspired by elements related to our business. "SY" represents the "Sci", a fragment of the word Science, and "GLIA" was chosen from two strands:

  • The Italian word consiglia (recommends);
  • The human brain, which is formed not only by the well-known neurons, but also by glial cells that support the nervous system. Without glial cells, neurons would not function properly.

In a way, we at Syglia play the discrete role of glial cells in the nervous system within organizations.

We were looking for a logo that reflected sustainability.

Inspiration was found in Brazilian Indians' culture and their ability to live in harmony with the planet.

Our logo was created based on various graphics from Amazon tribes.


Science for Business was inspired by our ability to think scientifically and identify the elements needed to help our clients in an agile and effective way. Science for innovative and sustainable business solutions.


Av Copacabana, 348 - 181V
Barueri - SP | Brasil
CEP 06472-001
Bairro 18 do Forte Empresarial


+55 (11) 4375-5726