Investment in Research, Development, and Innovation (RD&I) is essential for the success of technology-based companies (TBC) and critical for the competitiveness of businesses seeking to achieve continual increases in productivity.

The market dynamics require that companies be more adaptable. RD&I plans and decisions need to be synergistic with business strategies.

Technology Transfer, Licensing & Intellectual Property

We assist our clients in negotiation and risk assessment processes for the design of intellectual property agreements. We work with clients' legal teams and advise legal staff on scientific-technological topics.


Scientific-technological support to legal firms

Negotiation of intellectual property 

Technological prospecting

Technical-economic feasibility studies

Development of strategic alliances for technology-based businesses

Survey of opportunities to capture intellectual property value

Mediation of conflicts involving technological assets

Sci-Tech Advisory & Consultancy

The strategic importance of technology in business decisions requires executives to deal with questions related to innovation processes and swiftly identify market opportunities for the application of products, services and processes. The concept of technology is not related only to products, but also to knowledge and information connected to product development, application and use. Our Advisory and Consultancy services offer support in innovation processes and business development, pointing out the best solutions available based on scientific and technological knowledge and the synergy with various corporate areas.

Our consultants work directly with executives and their teams and, respecting the clients' confidentiality, we map and connect professors, scientists, engineers and specialists in their areas of knowledge to support the companies' projects, through direct whole participation or occasional events during the development of cases.

Innovation Management

We advise our clients in the strategic and tactical operational dimensions of innovation management. We work with our clients' teams in the selection and follow-up of RD&I projects looking for projects with the highest potential to generate business value.

Our model involves training, diagnosis, and designing innovation plans and sector roadmaps.

Our service package also includes the operationalization, maintenance, monitoring and evaluation phases of Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I) portfolios.

All efforts are made paying due attention to our clients' business strategy. We seek the adherence of innovation initiatives to existing plans and provide support in the identification of new potential value-capturing business opportunities.

Training and Lectures

We offer clients training and lectures on Bioeconomy and RD&I topics. In this section we list some approaches already used in some events.

Business for Scientists and Engineers. Driving proactive participation in business development

Academy-Industry alliances to foster bioeconomy

Lectures for executives and investors focused on bioeconomy topics

Strategic Partnerships for the Growth of the Sugar Energy Sector: Biofuels, Biochemicals, and Biomaterials

Career challenges and pathways for science professionals


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